Contest Guidelines


Contest Guidelines

We at want to welcome you to our site and how better than to offer a chance for some friendly competition and time lock–related research? Well, offer prizes, of course!

Beginning in December of 2010 (our “beta” period) and each month of 2011, will run a contest and give away two signed copies of our book, American Genius: Bank Locks and Time Locks of the Nineteenth Century. We would like everyone to participate in the spirit of fun, and so rather than put out a long list of rules, we offer the following guidelines for participants:

  1. The admin folks are the ultimate arbiters of any dispute. We’re are looking forward to never acting in this role.
  2. Entry is free.
  3. Enter using our Contact Page: include that you’re entering the contest, the month, your answer and your preferred contact method.
  4. Contests open at midnight “Eastern Time (GMT—5)”:−5 on the first day of each month and end at midnight on the last day of the month. Eligibility is based on the time stamp on your email.
  5. Two prizes will be awarded each month: one prize for the first correct answer (earliest eligible time stamp) and another awarded to an entrant drawn randomly from all other correct entries.
  6. Each individual can win twice: once by earliest entry and once by random draw. If an entrant has won by earliest entry, s/he will only be entered for the random draw.
  7. All correct entrants will receive a secure printable PDF certificate of congratulations.
  8. In the event any entrant or potential entrant feels unfairly treated, we encourage that s/he contact us and we will be happy to discuss it; however, the only remedy that we can promise is a full refund. For further details on your refund, please see Rule 2.

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