Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Generally, this site is about the visitor learning from what we know. Our intent is not to create a community or compile some list of people likely to buy something. Consequently, we don’t put a lot of effort into getting visitors to sign up, sign in or tell us much about themselves at all, really.

That said, these are some things that our visitors should be aware of:

  •, just like many other sites, uses a content management system to help us manage our site. We use Textpattern to manage our media, and we do our best to monitor general internet and Textpattern-specific site security issues. However, is offered free of charge and without any guarantee or warranty of any kind.
  • We at are not interested in collecting your personal data. We make no lists or logs of visitors, and if we do learn something specific about you (e.g., if you enter our Monthly Contest) we take reasonable steps to keep your information safe and private within the limits of the law.
  • The internet can be an odd place and sometimes people will make an attempt to hack into a site and post links and other junk, some if it objectionable. Generally, our articles are not open to comments, but if you see any such material, please notify us through our Contact Page — we have had security issues in the past with other systems.

We realize that this list is short and general, but we think that an overly detailed policy is unnecessary to say that we want you to feel both welcome and safe, and that we will try to keep up to normal standards. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us — we are always interested in hearing from our visitors!

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